A teppanyaki is a Japanese grill plate on which food is baked. Different ingredients and dishes are prepared on a teppanyaki. Think of rice, noodles, different types of vegetables, meat and fish. Thanks to the wide variety, teppanyaki is a good choice for everyone. We satisfy everyone’s taste with meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.

Come in and enjoy the show together

With a chef at the table you can see exactly how your dish is prepared on a teppanyaki. A teppanyaki Chef is a true artist, come and enjoy the show. The setting is also very important, you sit with your company around the Teppanyaki Grill. This guarantees a cozy and vibrant atmosphere, ideal for groups of friends, family, acquaintances or colleagues.

In addition to Japanese food, prepared on a teppanyaki, we also offer a great variety of sushi and sashimi. Thanks to the fine selection of specialties from different Asian culinary regions, all our products have a special taste and character.

Would you like to get to know Japanese food prepared on a teppanyaki? Book a table now via our website. You are welcome with us every day of the week!

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